Paradigms of ubiComp

Nature in all its glory surrounds us wherever we go, anywhere we roam. For those who take notice, the divine shape and pattern of the Hexagon are repeated throughout our inter-subjective environments both artificial and natural. From the peel of a pineapple to snakeskin, from rock formations to snowflakes, from the space-saving shape of retail boxes to concrete building blocks it’s quite obvious that all of this wonder that surrounds us, this repeated pattern is not merely a coincidence.

«Ubicombs» is an artistic attempt to build an environment that serves the purpose of rendering the techno-social hybrid condition of our everyday present perceivable. It is a viable part of the SNF-funded research project Human, Technology, Design – Paradigms of Ubiquitous Computing, and as such it is both a research facility and an art installation.
The research project «Paradigms of Ubicomp» is an artistic approach to the overall context of distributed intelligence, already stated by Mark Weiser in 1991, experimentally as well as theoretically and conceptually. The installation “Ubicombs” is a central piece of the project and shall introduce the visitors to the techno-social hybrid state that is a central pillar of our contemporary state of existence. By designing and implementing technological sensor-actor-systems that allow for a situative coupling with the respective users, “Ubicombs” offers a playful gateway to the deeply mediatized realm of hybridity. It is an immersive journey that translates between a curious user and a vigilant technological system and that, just like any other journey, may be perceived as an end in itself. Curiosity is the key for the explorative journey through «Ubicombs» and also for exploring long-term effects in the periphery. The processes of social sense-making and technologic sensing are not separable from one another, rather they have to be viewed as somewhat complimentary. The whole issue of agency shall also be reframed as a relation rather than illustrating individually held qualities.

Hexagons in nature